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Color Me Mine goes to work!
There's untapped creative potential in all of us.
At Color Me Mine, we provide the tools to keep our
team inventive and enthusiastic.

Our ceramic-painting activities will engage your
entire organization. Everyone is involved at their
own pace, interest, and capability.

Color Me Mine specializes in:
Staff Retreats, Group Team-building Sessions,
Holiday Parties, Family Activities, Group
Retirement & Going Away Gifts, and Office
Birthdays & Showers.

Let's Get Fired Up!
Color Me Mine activities:
- Engage and motivate employees;
- Provide unique ice breakers for training sessions, meetings, workshops, seminars or conferences; and,
- Support project meetings and brainstorming sessions where
right-brained activities can encourage enhanced ingenuity
and problem-solving.

Encourage teamwork, gear up for a big project, or celebrate an organization milestone with a creative session where everyone's ideas matter. We'll provide all the materials and instructions to help tap into your team's potential!

Sample Exercise #1 - This Mug's For You (Two options available)
Option 1: Each individual starts by his/her name on a mug and passing it along. The next person adds a word or symbol that represents the mug's owner. The mug goes around until it arrives back at it's starting place, filled with personality!

Option 2: Each painter writes a description (plan) of how s/he would like their mug painted. The plan is then given to a team member for execution (painting the mug based on the instructions).

This fun game will demonstrate the importance of both planning and execution and shows the interdependency on one another to achieve success (create the final product)!

- Helps your staff explore their hidden talents as individuals and as a team
- Stimulate creativity and enhance connections
- Illustrates the need for increased collaboration in a competitive environment

Length: 2 hours
Group Size: 6 participant minimum

Sample Exercise # 2 - Go Green!
'GO Green' is an exercise that addresses the styrofoam and
paper products we find in our office break rooms.

First, each painter chooses a plate, bowl or mug that will
eliminate his/her use of disposable ones. Next, each creates a design to represent his/her commitment to greener living - we have plenty of design aids to inspire creativity!

Length: 2 hours

Group Size: 6 participant minimum

Want to reward your staff for their hard work? Or maybe you
want to encourage lateral thinking in your team through
creativity? You may even be celebrating a birthday or
organizing a holiday party.

Whatever the occasion, Color Me Mine offers an experience
you'll never forget.
Build Your Team without Breaking the Bank
Our team-building sessions start at $30 per person. We do allow food and
beverages to add to the enjoyment. Closed studio options are available starting at $750.

We'll work with you to customize an activity suitable for your group and budget.

Tap into creativity without breaking the budget.!
Our team-building sessions can be customized to budgets and group sizes. We can accommodate up to 40 people in our studio and we allow food and beverages to add to the enjoyment.

Our 'on the go' fees start at $75 travel fee in addition to the cost of the pottery painted. After firing, we'll deliver the finished pieces back to the office or another central location.

Want to add dazzle to the END OF YEAR PARTY?

Need something new for 'Bring your Kids to Work Day'?

We'll help you design an activity suitable for any age

Studio Address & Phone:
Color Me Mine
22000 Dulles Retail Plaza
Suite 106
Sterling, Virginia 20166

703-444-0011 Phone
Studio Hours:
Sunday 12-5
Monday 11-7
Tuesday 11-7
Wednesday 11-7
Thursday 11-7
Friday 11-8
Saturday 11-8
Last seating is one hour prior to closing.
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